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Herbal Repair...infusing massive levels of healing nutrients into the body quickly.  Herbal Repair...any injury area, body organ or body system needs extra nutrients to heal (mega-dosing). 
Herbal Repair...significant improvement in minutes not months.

Start with the concept... you have 2000 pores on your feet (more than any other part of your body).  Then add warm water, massive dosing of herbs, healthy items like a bowling ball-sized bag of garlic or figs, stir into the foot soak pan essential oils, aloe gel, cold-pressed extra virgin oils (like olive, walnut, sunflower) with the aim to have all this absorbing directly into your bloodstream.  Add a $200 magnet placed at key organs and body systems to draw the nutrients to targeted areas and you have an amazing therapy!!                                   

Dr. Joe Mercola, MD writes: Oral supplementation is perhaps your worst option, as your liver processes everything in your digestive tract first, before it enters your blood stream. Any method that bypasses the liver will therefore be more effective.

Losing Weight....

and FOR EmergencIES...

My favorite "Herbal Repair" story...

My niece Melissa started working at Waffle House at age 15. She's an amazing waitress. She weighed under 100 lbs her teens and beyond. At 20 she got married, got pregnant, gained 100 lbs. She gave birth and didn't lose any weight. She tried dieting and didn't lose weight. She didn't eat much and didn't lose weight. Then she started having massive abdominal pain and couldn't get through her Waffle House shift. Three times she was forced to leave work, go to the E.R. and seek an answer to debilitating pain. Not knowing much about anatomy, she told the physicians that her kidneys hurt. They put dye in her and ran scans. Nothing.

After the fourth E.R. visit, they told her the next answer was to do exploratory surgery to see if a kidney stone perhaps was in the kidneys but at the lip of the tube, and might be blocking the tube causing pain. After this surgery, the surgical doctor called her primary doctor and told him she much be psychosomatic.

    Nothing was wrong with her.

When they started to treat her for mental illness, my mom (Melissa's grandmom) got involved. She knew Melissa wasn't crazy. Melissa is one of the hardest working gals around. Mom got Melissa's handwriting and took it to an Herbal Repair practitioner for assessment. The woman called Mom the next day and said, "No wonder she's in pain, her liver is filled with strep."  Plus any time the liver is clogged the person probably can't lose weight.

Two days later, my parents and I did a Herbal Repair footsoak on Melissa. We did a first foot soak to send nutrients to her immune. Did the second to "repair" or send golden seal herb to her liver, and the 3rd foot soak was for pain.


Nanna Red & Melissa 2002 Footsoak

Melissa 2009 with daughter Haley

Two days after that, Melissa reported that all pain was gone. Over the following 30 days, Melissa lost 30 pounds spontaneously without doing any change to her diet or routine. Over the next 5 months, Melissa lost an additional 50 pounds.

MELISSA & BLOOD PRESSURE (BP) -- Several years after this, Melissa was  experiencing high blood pressure. Doctors put her on 3 different BP medications.

She went to a practitioner for an Herbal Repair session. The next day she took her BP meds and nearly passed out. Going to the doctor he told her that her blood pressure was normal and the meds she took had gotten her BP too low. The doctor removed from her all blood pressure meds. Melissa remains off them to this day --  after ONE Herbal Repair session.

            (Click here for my personal "Emergency" Herbal Repair story)


How-To: begin with the assessment...start with the Polarity Therapy concept that energy comes in the left side of the body and goes out the right. Then you need paper and ballpoint pen. Continue by placing  your left hand over an organ or body system, like the LIVER.  With your right hand, write: LIVER.  Continue writing for all the main systems and any injury areas: CROWN of head, BRIDGE of nose, BASE spine/skull, THYROID, HEART, PANCREAS, KIDNEYS, GUT.  Finally you'll need to understand or work with someone skilled in kinesiology, muscle testing, or dowsing with a pendulum.

At left is my personal handwriting ready for an "Herbal Repair" assessment..

Since I'm left-handed, I pre-write
the words (Crown, Bridge, etc) with
my left hand. Then to start the assessment, I place my left hand over the system, then scribble a spot beside that system with my right hand while my left hand is on the system, Crown, etc.

To check for the "Herbal Repair", I'll dowse or "test" the scribble. For right-handed people, (see at right). For more information on how to test - see below.

Quick Note: Liver is right side at waist, kidneys are back either side of spine approx. 2 inches above waist, pancreas is left / front waist, gut is stomach.

Example above of right-handed mini-assessment.

If you're right-handed, you write the WORD with your right hand while left hand is on the system. Later "test" the writing (no scribble).

Next Step: the pictures... first there's the "nasty stuff" such as staph, strep, candida, lyme's and others, click here. There's a lot of "nasty stuff" in all of us, especially injury areas.  OR (preferred) check for "GOOD THINGS" you may need.
With your handwriting assessment in front of someone trained in kinesiology or dowsing, put the left-hand finger on the handwriting for a system/organ, like LIVER, and pendulum in right hand over pictures.  If the pendulum is over the "nasty stuff," you're asking/thinking, "does this system have... this (abscess, adhesion, aging pigment, etc)."  


If your pendulum is over the "GOOD THINGS," you're asking, "does this system most need... this  (garlic, figs, aloe vera gel, tea tree essential oil, etc)."  People who specialize in kinesiology or dowsing will quickly find the herb, essential oil or other nutrient that your systems most need:  "Herbal Repair!"

Some notes... an interesting  “Herbal Repair” theory is... if you or someone else finds the “repair” for H1N1, you could do numerous foots soaks with that essential oil, herb, etc. in advance and ongoing -- this then is like a natural defense against getting that virus (almost like a massively healthy vaccine). Another theory is to wait until you’ve got the virus, then quickly do the “repair.”  Either way, it’s nice to know that massive infusions of the “right” nutrients may just make a huge difference!  Since many people get MRSA at the hospital, if I HAD to go to the hospital, I’d search for the repair and do it before going in. (more information on this and more on the "For Emergencies" page).

This therapy can be practiced on animals, including humans, dogs, cats, horses, and...


Finally some therapies that work with the body with the same concepts as the Herbal Repair Foot Soaks described above:

Herbal Repair with COLOR THERAPY -- the gal who created Herbal Repair therapy converted most of her practice of foot soaks to Color Therapy. It's easier and seems to also be extremely effective.

Garlic Tampons & Essential Oil Tampons - the Herbal Repair practitioners also found and/or created this amazing therapy for the gals (sorry guys), if you have a chronic illness, and you want to get well, please consider this...

Liquid Trace Minerals -- sore knee? lose weight? arthritis? energy? your pet have fleas?  slathered on externally!
Bypasses the liver and digestive organs. Directly to bloodstream.  Based on same concept: any injury area, body organ or body system needs extra nutrients to heal (mega-dosing).

     All of these... so easy and so incredible!


HERBAL REPAIR Practitioner & Essential Oils:
For many years, most of the Essential Oils (EOs) for our local Herbal Repair
practitioners were purchased bulk by Carol Cooper, an incredible Herbal Repair
practitioner and amazing EO expert. Her website to check/compare her high quality
Essential Oil prices is: http://oilsbycarol.tripod.com.
Carol can dowse (kinesiology) for
the EOs and other "Good Stuff" that might benefit you. If you send a note explaining your
situation, PLUS your handwriting (instructions above), and $20 to $50 USA, via mail to:
CAROL COOPER, 4870 College Dr. E P.O. Box 504, Collegedale, TN. 37315
she will send EOs and other "Good Stuff" (nutrients), a receipt/any partial
refund, and make connection with you about the kinesiology results.
For more info, call Carol 423-396-2490 or email: PaulaCarolCooper@comcast.net.

n the near future, Judy Dolan is planning to publish an Herbal Repair book.
Her contact: judydolan2@hotmail.com.


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