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Herbal Repair...any injury area, body organ or body system needs extra nutrients to healHerbal Repair... depletion in our soils means we're not getting the minerals in our food.  Herbal Repair...remineralize, slather (external application) daily and WOW!!!

Liquid Trace Minerals

                                 from ARTHRITIS to natural FLEA-ZAPPER to …

Personal testimonials from Tami Freedman:  "In 2004, I hurt my knee playing racquetball.  For 6 months my injured knee hurt going down stairs.  Being in our local holistic health network, someone told me 'any injury area needs extra nutrients to heal.'  They said to buy liquid trace minerals, and apply them externally. Put a quarter size amount of liquid in your palm and massage in externally once or more every day for 2 weeks.  I did this and WOW -- within 2 weeks the hurt knee felt stronger than the other knee and I’ve done stairs for years now with NO pain.

<-- In 2008, my dog Bubby, 15½ years old, struggled. 
Since it had helped my knee, I'm into holistic health / alternative health, and couldn’t get nutrients into him,
so I slathered liquid Trace Minerals all over his body. 
It helped AND it eliminated his FLEAS!!  I was amazed. For years I'd been looking for a natural healthy flea killer! In 2009, I put Utah Sea Minerals on new dog Scooby -->
(every 2 weeks on his neck/down spine). 
 No Fleas!!   Plus Borax powder on carpet, after 15 min, vacuum, to kill flea eggs, stopping all flea problems.

"This spring, a friend, Gary, told me about his bad knee.  I sent him to buy liquid Trace Minerals. 
week later he hugged me and said: 'My knees thank you!!!'  Two months later he showed me how his horribly arthritic hands were now almost normal.
      (People living near the ocean
                      have very little arthritis).

"This year I’ve finally gotten smart.  A few months ago I started DAILY (after my shower) “slathering” liquid trace minerals externally over my heart, thyroid, kidneys, liver, gut, pancreas…  I've lost 15 lbs. in 3 months without doing anything else (less hungry).  My kidneys appreciate it - I’m losing the edema around my ankles.  My joints all seem to work better. 

This stuff is amazing!  In March 2009, I fell off a bike, onto my left knee. It swelled up and was so painful I couldn't walk. I slathered liquid Trace Minerals on it every three hours, and within a day and a half, the knee felt strong and normal!  This stuff is amazing!

Below are the two types of liquid Trace Minerals that I 'slather' on daily!  There are also other brands that may also work.  Buy at most local health food stores:

8 oz. $25

Low Sodium

Uses and Applications:
Bone, Joint & Health; Re-Mineralize Distilled Water; Electrolyte Replacement; Hair and Skin; Helps Normalize Bowel Functions; Calcium Assimilation; Circulatory Health; Vitamin Enhancement; Gardens and Plants; Pets; Athletic performance; Body Building; Add to Carbonated Beverages; Magnesium Supplement; Cooking.

ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops
The Most Powerful, Natural, Health Giving Trace Minerals in the World.
Formulated by Nature for Greater Bio Health and Body Mineral Balancing.
From Utah's Inland Sea
ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops - An soluble, all-natural complex of over 72 ionic trace minerals and elements extracted from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The ionic minerals in ConcenTrace® also have the power to maintain and even improve the pH balance in your body.  It’s important to keep your body’s acid base balance because an acidic body is a breeding ground for disease. ConcenTrace® is so essential to human health that you’ll find it in every one of our quality products. It has many uses and applications.

Low-sodium ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops are the most powerful natural health mineral supplements in the world. It's impossible to underestimate the importance of minerals and trace minerals for the human body. They are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses for developing and maintaining good health. ConcenTrace® captures the perfect balance of those minerals. Using ConcenTrace® every day help renew and energize your body's entire electrical system. You'll have more energy and will generally feel better.

Why is ConcenTrace® so powerful? Extracted from the Great Salt Lake, ConcenTrace® contains a full spectrum of all the minerals in a balance natural to the body. We use a completely natural process that removes the sodium and gives us a formula about 26 times more concentrated than any other liquid trace minerals on the market. No other health supplement is as naturally powerful.  So concentrated, that 40 drops (1/2 teaspoon) equals the mineral content of 1/2 cup sea water with 99.5% sodium removed.

Not for people on sodium restricted diet

16 oz. 
Utah Sea Minerals
A body-balanced, full spectrum, naturally concentrated liquid ionic mineral & trace mineral nutritional supplement from Utah's inland sea, the Great Salt Lake.

Utah Sea Minerals
Body-Balanced, Full Spectrum, Liquid Ionic Mineral & Trace Mineral Nutritional Supplement  ~ A naturally concentrated sea water product from Utah's inland sea.

Utah Sea Minerals is a naturally balanced salt seasoning and nutritional supplement that contains all of the naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals your body needs.

Not to be used by people on sodium restricted diets. For people wishing to restrict their intake of salt (sodium chloride), use low sodium ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops to add minerals and trace minerals to the diet. Caution: Highly concentrated. Dilute if necessary. Dilute in water, juice, or use as a liquid salt seasoning. Filtered and unheated (except by natural sunshine).

Studies show mineral depletion in our soils.  We frankly are not getting the minerals
in the foods we eat. ConcenTrace® remineralizes us!

Any injury area needs extra nutrients to heal.

  Every organ needs extra nutrients to stay healthy

  on a toxic planet with nutrient-
deficient food. 


  Apply externally every day to get and stay vibrant.

other nutrients? 

During a health class, the teacher said she’d found that strep, staph, viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc. all go to the injury area.  That area is so weak it acquires all the viruses and bacteria circulating though the body. She told us to give special effort to the injury areas - whether it be with magnets, essential oils, trace minerals, or etc.

The body needs much more iodine than the US RDA indicates.  Consider iodine applied externally.  Iodine is vital for so many functions including healthy breast tissue, thyroid function and a host of other needs. 
This IODINE article outlines studies showing iodine lack may be causal in breast cancer and other conditions including hypo-thryroidism.  The Recommended Daily Allowance is 150 mcg. Researcher found the body needs more than 13 mg (91 times more).  So I also regularly slather / externally apply liquid iodine..  (White Iodine tincture doesn't stain like regular iodine, however the healthy version at health food stores is preferable!)  And whatever brand you get, apply it externally on the liver area, or around the belly button or anywhere else on the trunk of your body. 

Imagine how you body might appreciate the daily application of ALOE GEL, or ESSENTIAL OILS or other OILS like organic Cold-Pressed Walnut Oil or Castor Oil (both great for everything!!) applied externally.  There's an Essential Oil Encyclopedia that provides an essential oil good for almost every ailment. 
And that information is also easily available with online searches.

ConcenTrace® / Liquimin also puts out an Electrolyte Liquid that might be good if someone has been sick and vomited and gotten their electrolytes out of balance.  Heart issues are often caused by electrolyte imbalance, so  "slather" that on your injury -- especially your heart.

Mangosteen Juice (fruit from SE Asia, available at most health stores or sold MLM: XanGo), is amazing for most body systems including digestion and inflammation, but its especially good on skin issues from external infections, to acne, to eczema, etc.  I apply the juice directly - massaging it in and letting it dry for at least 10 or 15 minutes before cleaning it off.  Some people put the juice on a plate in the refrigerator overnight and it turns into a gel that may be easier to work with.  This is an amazing nutrient source!!

Work with all of these, from the liquid trace minerals, to iodine, to electrolytes, to specific essential oils and other organic healthy oils, to Mangosteen or Gogi Juice, on the entire trunk of body.  If you do nothing else, DO THIS!!!  Healthy nutrients, especially liquid trace minerals, applied directly to the trunk of body -- especially over important organs EVERY DAY are amazing!!!! 

The body is amazing when you give it what it needs!! 

HERBAL REPAIR Practitioner & Essential Oils:
For many years, most of the Essential Oils (EOs) for our local Herbal Repair
practitioners were purchased bulk by Carol Cooper, an incredible Herbal Repair
practitioner and amazing EO expert. Her website to check/compare her high quality
Essential Oil prices is: http://oilsbycarol.tripod.com.

Carol is also incredible at dowsing for the EOs and other "Good Stuff" might
greatly benefit you in a foot soak. Send your handwriting (instructions on Home page)
and for $20, Carol can provide an Assessment of what EOs and other
nutrients might "Herbal Repair" you!
Call Carol at 423-396-2490 or email: PaulaCarolCooper@comcast.net.

n the near future, Judy Dolan is planning to publish an Herbal Repair book.
Her contact: judydolan2@hotmail.com.

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