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Herbal Repair...infusing massive levels of healing and healthy nutrients into the body quickly.  Herbal Repair...any injury area, body organ or body system needs extra nutrients to heal (mega-dosing). 
Herbal Repair...significant improvement in minutes not months.

Test each system or injury area for what GOOD STUFF
that organ or body system most needs....

This area is the REAL KEY to Herbal Repair.  You take PICTURES OF ALL MANNER OF GOOD STUFF to dowse and discover what organs / body systems / injury areas need what "Good Stuff".  Then you put it in in large quantities, directly into the bloodstream, with footsoaks (or color infusions! or slathering!).

We hope that soon, an Herbal Repair book will be available, with pictures to dowse from of every HERB, FRUIT, VEGETABLE, TREE, ESSENTIAL OIL, COLOR and ALL other "Good Stuff" for locating what your body needs in large supply to heal!

HERBAL REPAIR Practitioner & Essential Oils:
For many years, most of the Essential Oils (EOs) for our local Herbal Repair
practitioners were purchased bulk by Carol Cooper, an incredible Herbal Repair
practitioner and amazing EO expert. Her website to check/compare her high quality
Essential Oil prices is: http://oilsbycarol.tripod.com.

Carol is also incredible at dowsing for the EOs and other "Good Stuff" might
greatly benefit you in a foot soak. Send your handwriting (instructions on Home page)
and for $20, Carol can provide an Assessment of what EOs and other
nutrients might "Herbal Repair" you!
Call Carol at 423-396-2490 or email: PaulaCarolCooper@comcast.net.

n the near future, Judy Dolan is planning to publish an Herbal Repair book.
Her contact: judydolan2@hotmail.com.

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