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Herbal Repair...any injury area or body system needs extra nutrients to heal CURING WITH CAYENNE...most amazing herb to stimulate and nourish your circulatory system.  CAYENNE TINCTURE...internal and external (slathering), a HUGE WOW!!!

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Personal testimonial from Tami Freedman:  "I started "slathering" Liquid Trace Minerals (amazing for any injury and for system health) on the trunk of my body, on the skin over organ / system areas (heart, thyroid, liver, pancreas, kidneys, gut, etc) in 2009 and after years of being at a plateau in my search for full health, I immediately started to improve, lose weight, and think clearer.

Several years ago, I'd viewed the Dr. Richard Schulze MD videotape series "Curing With Cayenne" (often available on ebay) where he tells the wonders of Cayenne, Lobelia and other herbs.  He also provides very easy recipes for making Super Tonic, Cayenne Tincture and other herbal remedies. Of course ingesting teaspoons or dropperfuls of these every day take effort for someone who had Chronic Fatique, so, in 2010, with my new fun "slathering" tool, I made my first batch of Cayenne Tincture.

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Cayenne Tincture Recipe:  take hot peppers (jalapeno - although for the truly brave
add in some habineros) chop a bit and put in blender. Put in equal amount of Vodka to fill.  Blend.  Put mixture in a glass container.  Shake each day for 3 weeks.  At end of 3 weeks, strain through a cheese cloth to get liquid: Cayenne Tincture (although I
skipped the waiting and straining and just started slathering immediately).

According to Dr. Schulze, the 3 week/strained tincture is a FIRST AID item extraordinaire. If you come across someone having a heart attack, put dropperfuls of this amazing stuff down their throat. And for those wanting to get and stay heart healthy, swallow (either directly or in water/juice) several dropperfuls up to 4 or more tablespoons daily.

Not liking the level of energy it takes to "drink" this every day,
I’ve finally gotten smart with DAILY (again, after my shower) “slathering” of Cayenne Tincture externally over my heart, thyroid, kidneys, liver, gut, pancreas… I slather or apply this over my heart, liver, kidneys, and even under arms to get at Lymph System, several times daily. This is doing amazing things for my circulation, metabolism, weight (have lost 10+ lbs in 20 days, energy has improved, thinking clarified even more and just a variety of ways that I've observed my core strengthening).... 

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 When I first started doing Cayenne Tincture, it was full summer (August 11, 2010) 
 and very hot out. When I was inside, it was a little hot, but okay. But when I went
 outside, the mixture on my skin felt like a massive hot flash along with the feeling
 of immense circulation. Since I'm good with heat, I was okay, but thought:


              a) many/most people won't be able to deal with this
              b) women with bad circulation who are cold a lot might love this
              c) people in cold climates during cold weather or cold-natured people
                  during cold weather might like this
                                           d) this might evolve into a nice product if someone could sell it for
                                               circulation, metabolism, weight-loss, and warmth in winter...

This stuff is amazing! 
And is the nourishment needed for great and amazing heart health and superb circulatory health.  AMAZING  AMAZING  AMAZING.

HEART HEALTH with a quick recipe and easy items
from your Grocery and Liquor Stores!

eed your heart & circulatory system every day.

  Every organ needs extra nutrients to stay healthy

  on a toxic planet with nutrient-
deficient food. 


  Apply externally every day to get and stay vibrant.

other nutrients? 

Check out my Trace Minerals page, and all the other pages here on my Herbal Repair website. Getting the nutrients into the body via the skin (foot soaks or slathering) is an amazing and powerful therapy and a road I've taken to renewed health.

Work with all of these, from iodine, to electrolytes, to specific essential oils and other organic healthy oils, to Mangosteen or Gogi Juice, on the entire trunk of body.  If you do nothing else, DO THIS!!!  Healthy nutrients, especially Liquid Trace Minerals and Cayenne Tincture, applied directly to the trunk of body -- especially over important organs EVERY DAY -- or many times every day -- are amazing!!!! 

                         The body is truly amazing when you give it what it needs!! 


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