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Herbal Repair...infusing massive levels of healing and nutrients into the female body quickly.  Herbal Repair...for the brave who demand vibrant health... significant improvement / ongoing health.  Herbal Repair...huge
bang for the buck!  almost no cost for massive health potential.

 Garlic Tampons & Essential Oil Tampons
       (sorry guys -- this one is for the girls!)

 the most HEALTHIFYING thing a GAL can do....

After twenty exhausting years of chronic fatigue, I asked a holistic friend what to do about chronic fatigue. She said: "For women, its easy. Take a clove of garlic, peel off the "onion skin", and use the garlic clove like a tampon.

"OMG, How weird," thought poor exhausted I.  Four months later, on January 1, 2004, determined this year I was going to do ANYTHING I could to get well, I decided to "try garlic."  OMG, 24-hours later I felt quite a bit stronger. It was like doing a $200 herbal foot soak for the cost of one clove of garlic.

Excited, I called a friend who sells Essential Oils (EO).  She said she'd heard you could put Essential Oils on tampons and have a similar great healing session.  She said to apply Essential Oils, then dunk it in Castor Oil, then insert.  (The entire book "The Oil That Heals" is about how amazing Castor Oil is.  When I first started doing the Herbal Repair foot soaks, they told me if you get a strong Essential Oil in your eye, flush it with Castor Oil, not water). Castor for a good safety factor, makes sense!

Go to fullsize imageTaking a tampon, I poured a mild Essential Oil on it, then covered that with Castor Oil. I was amazed. I could feel the energy and healing wellness within minutes and again 24-hours later I felt stronger and my brain clearer. I started getting well at an incredible pace - feeling brain functions returning almost every day. I used probably 3 - 4 tampons per 24 hours - you can use more - I had fatigue - this was all I could do.

A variation of this, one friend takes a slender/slim tampon and holding the string, lowers it into a one ounce Essential Oil bottle, then lowers it into Castor (or some other carrier oil).  Seems to work fine - is easier - although please be careful with the stronger oils. My best advice is to avoid the strong EO's like peppermint, cinnamon, wintergreen, etc. These burn when applied to face - and are way too strong for tampons.

If you have a library nearby - get a book on Essential Oils and work on your specific issues. Or do searches online. There's websites with great information that could help you focus on your issues, telling what EO's for what organs or health concerns. AND OF COURSE - there's the HERBAL REPAIR SYSTEM for locating oils you may need! Click on the "Good Stuff" page to do kinesiology / muscle testing / pendulum dowsing over the various oils to see if you can find what ones you need most.

I've found m
ild Essential Oils work fine and are amazing! I've personally had great luck with the oils Lemon and Juniper, and like Green Milfoil, think Elemi is nice. Clary Sage and Vitamin E oil are reputed to help lubricate and increase sexuality.  Eucalyptus, Bay and Allspice are a bit strong, however all are very good. There are also blends that work wonderfully. 

My friend Carol sells Essential Oils and has GREAT KNOWLEDGE of Essential Oils, their uses, and has very powerful oils, plus some very awesome blends - at very reasonable prices. Her website: http://OilsByCarol.tripod.com, or email her at:  CDTCoop@comcast.net. I felt almost all of them helped, I just avoid the harsh ones. I also continue to use the "garlic tampon" and believe this and Essential Oil Tampons are the most healthy things a woman can do. I actually feel sorry for the guys who don't have this method of total wellness!!


HERBAL REPAIR Practitioner & Essential Oils:
For many years, most of the Essential Oils (EOs) for our local Herbal Repair
practitioners were purchased bulk by Carol Cooper, an incredible Herbal Repair
practitioner and amazing EO expert. Her website to check/compare her high quality
Essential Oil prices is: http://oilsbycarol.tripod.com.

Carol is also incredible at dowsing for the EOs and other "Good Stuff" might
greatly benefit you in a foot soak. Send your handwriting (instructions on Home page)
and for $20, Carol can provide an Assessment of what EOs and other
nutrients might "Herbal Repair" you!
Call Carol at 423-396-2490 or email: PaulaCarolCooper@comcast.net.

n the near future, Judy Dolan is planning to publish an Herbal Repair book.
Her contact: judydolan2@hotmail.com.

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